Milliard Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner, Great for Quick and Easy Cleaning of Floor and Walls of In-Ground Swimming Pools – Includes 33 Feet of Hose Length

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Pools are great fun throughout the summer, but they also want to be properly cleaned and maintained to keep them protected and sanitary all season. Regular maintenance is tedious and time-consuming, but Milliard can help do it for you with our In-Ground Automatic Pool Vacuum, so you’ll spend less time working and more time swimming.


The Automatic Pool Cleaner in fact mimics the motions of certain sea critters by gyrating itself with clever weights and valves to slowly amble along the floor of your pool and feed on whatever debris is in its way. Leaves, dirt, algae, twigs, bugs… it is not a picky eater. The designer body style even makes the cleaner fun to watch as it swims along the floor of your pool. It’s like a pet, but it feeds itself.


No wires, no circuits, and no programs, just one mission: search and destroy… dirt! Drop the Automatic Pool Cleaner in your pool (gently), attach the included 33-foot vacuum hose to your pool’s filter-pump, and let it do its job! No circuits or complicated mechanisms means it operates silently and efficiently, and deflectors keep the vacuum focused on cleaning your pool’s floor instead of getting hung up on obstacles.

Product Features

• Works off of your swimming pool pump – No electricity
• Cleans floor and sides of your pool
• One moving part technology to do away with noise and increase longevity
• 33 feet of hose included
• Deflector wheel to prevent it from getting caught

All Milliard products are manufactured with safety, quality, and comfort in mind and we are glad to make our consumers’ satisfaction our #1 goal.
Vacuum operates on its own, the usage of suction from the pool filter-pump to move itself and clean up dirt. No Electricity
No wires, garden hoses or poles needed. Just connect the vacuum hose to the pool filter and drop it in the pool.
Includes 33 feet of extension hoses for a lot of reach in most in-ground pools.
Uses quick-connect hose link to pool system for easy and safe attachment. Deflector wheel to prevent it from getting knotted up.
Built with quality polymer plastics and functions with only one moving part to maximize its operating life and decrease noise.